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Automatic Offset Printing Machine For Plastic Cup

Mainly used in PP, HIPS, GPPS, EPS and other plastic cup printing, production of various yogurt cups, juice cups, jelly cups, ice cream cups, beverage cups printing.

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Number of color head 4色(Colors) 5、6、7色(Colors)
Max. production speed 200只/分钟(Pieces/min) 430只/分钟(Pieces/min)
Max. printing length 680mm 390/508mm
Max. Printing width 150mm 130mm
Max. diameter of container on the edge 230mm 140mm
Min. diameter of container on the edge 70mm 50mm
Max. height of container 40-170mm 40-170mm
Diameter of printing plate roller 266mm 177mm
Diameter of central roller 522mm 708mm
Printing sectors on central roller 2 4
Cup taper 3-13° 3-13°
Number of mandrels 8 8
Electrical installed power 35kw 35kw
UV power 8kw(可调 Adjustable) 8kw(可调 Adjustable)
Max. air consumption 800升/分钟(L/min.) 800升/分钟(L/min.)
Adjustable speed 0到最大From 0 to max. 0到最大From 0 to max.
Weight 7000公斤kg approx. 8000公斤kg approx.
Warranty period (CAM INDEX) 5年(three years) 5年(three years)