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Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Suitable for PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET and other plastic sheet molding, production of a variety of cups, bowls, dishes, covers, boxes and other products, such as: milk cups, jelly cups, disposable beverage cups, convenient noodle bowls and so on.

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Main Features
HSC-660A/HSC-660C thermoforming machine is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components, and the whole system was controlled by micro PLC. It is operates with man-interface, which can works all by itself. It combines the material feeding, heating, drawing, forming, cutting and transporting into one process.

Model HSC-660A/C
Max. forming area 250×580(420×580)mm
Max. forming depth 120mm
Max. width range of sheet 300-660mm
Thickness range of sheet 0.2-2.0mm
Max. sheet roller diameter 710mm
Air pressure 0.7Mpa
Water consumption 100L/min
Air consumption 2000Liters/min
Manufacturing speed 10-35Cycles/min
Power (three-phase four-wire) 3×380V+NP+PE, 50H
Heating power 60kw
Main motor power 5.5kw
Feeding motor power 2.2kw
Rewinding motor power 0.37kw
Weight 4000kg
Main machine(L×W×H) 3300×1650×2250(mm)
Rewinder (L×W×H) /
Cutting device(L×W×H) 1100×1350×1350(mm)