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Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine

HFM-700B is the world's most advanced thermoforming technology, using machine, electricity, gas integration design, six-axis linkage control servo motor coordination process, specializing in the production of PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PLA, PC and biodegradable sheet and other thermoforming products.

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Main Features

1. Six-axis control six servo motor orchestration and joint movements
2. Chian Drove by servo motor
3. Germany Heater, segment control
4. Main cam drove by Inverter motor
5. Pre-forming drove by servo motor
6. Presureforming
7. ”V” type stacker drove by Servo motor
8. Full-automatic
9. Contact with curling .printing and packing machine

Maximum forming area 320×680mm
Maximum forming depth 170mm
Maximum width 820mm
Thickness range of sheet 0.2-2.5 mm
Maximum sheet roller diameter 1200mm
Air consume 8m3/min 0.7Mpa
Heating power 150kw
Main motor power 7.5kw
Max speed 42次/分
Input power 三相四线AC380V±15V
Installed Power 180kw
Running Power 50kw
Total Weight 16T
Thermoforming Weight 12T