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Plastic sheet Extrusion Line

Suitable for the production of polypropylene (PP), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), polyethylene (PE) and other plastic sheets, for the production of plastic sheet molding, stationery supplies.

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Main Features
The machine is a combination of extruder, calender, rewinder and electric control box etc. The barrel have advanced designed, lower the height and install Insulation components, Energy Recovery from the screw rotate and run back to dryer to save energy and improve the capacity.

Maximum output 350kg/h
Heating power of die head 15kw
Diameter of screw 100mm
Heating power of screen changer 5kw
Thickness of die mouth 0-2.5mm
Motor power of calendar 3×2.2kw
Diameter of roller 400mm
Motor power of rewinder 2.2kw
Adjust distance of roller 0-50mm
Air pressure 0-6Mpa
Diameter ratio 33:01:00
Water consumption 20m3/h
Width of die mouth 850mm
Air consumption 0.1m3/h
Face length of roller 1000mm
Sheet thickness range 0.15-2mm
Number of roller 3个
Width Maximum 720mm
Motor power of extrude 75kw
Heating power of drum 22kw