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Ten positive and negative pressure forming machine knowledge

1, combined with positive and negative pressure, the thickness of the same plastic material than the thickness of the negative pressure product texture better, more stable weight.
2, the positive and negative features coexist article molding size precision, stable
3, forming, cutting, stacking, counting, transmission synchronization is complete, only one of them packed into boxes. No secondary pollution, product safety and health
4, cutting, stacking, sheet feeding adopt servo control, precision error-free.
5, the use of industrial man-machine interface PLC and microcomputer control, easy to run precise operation.
6, coated with a spray, multiple vacuum, vibration Stripping, upper and lower dies move up and down the stretch, the product better.
7, automatic feeding, according to the customer learning material per volume between 600-800KG
8, according to customer demand for the positive and negative table can be selected from among four company standards.
9, standard equipment forming, punching side hole, bottom hole punching, cutting, stacking five stations. Customers can select the functions of the device according to their demand.
10, punching way of sub-mold punching, punching shift mode, the customer can choose.